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ClearColor CT Toric Grey (CL139N) (6 month) (1p)

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€ 64.82
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Spindulys 8.6
Diametras 14.0
Medžiaga Polymacon A
Vandens kiekis 38
DK/l, Dk/t 8
Gamintojas ClearLab
Prekės ženklas CLEARLAB
Pakuotė 1
Spalva Gemstone Green

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Something uniquely beneficial!

ClearColor CT 6-month colored toric contact lens - fully correcting astigmatism, choose different shades of eye color.


  • Contact lenses are made of Polymacon A material, which is recognized as durable and reliable even in challenging conditions.
  • ClearColor CT is a six-month contact lens specially made for the individual patient, available in a wide range of optical strengths.
  • Clearcolor CT contact lenses use a Multi Curve and Bevel Curve design to improve tear circulation and make contact lens wear even more comfortable.
  • The patented lens-encapsulated color technology isolates the tint layer from contact with the surface of the eye, providing unparalleled comfort and superior quality.
  • When used as directed, contact lenses provide the most exciting and safest toric lens experience available.

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€ 64.82
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